Welcome to Lasmernet

What is a lasmer?

The word Lasmer came from a typo of the word Lamer. I know because it was me who typed it.

After all the piss taking about my inadequate typing skills had died down it kinda stuck so I gave it a definition

Lasmer : One who is too lame to be considered Lame

IE. Those people that come into your life, irc channel, pub, local greengrocer, etc. and act in such a manner that anybody who has the misfortune to have to deal with them wishes they would burst into flames.

SlaWta ~8)

#UAW is a channel on the irc.undernet.org network. UAW = United Audio World and is a place for musicians, producers, writers, engineers, or anyone connected with the making of music using computer based audio equipment.

The purpose of this web site is to showcase the talents (or lack of) of the members of #UAW with the emphasis on fun. Some people (Lasmers) may be offended by the content found on this site. GOOD! We mean it to.

If you are not a Lasmer, and you have even the smallest sense of humour, please enjoy.

If you are unsure wether you are a Lasmer or not, just join #UAW on irc.undernet.org and our team of experts will be only to happy to check your credentials.


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