Christmas Choons


It only happens once a year so you may as well take the time to get festively festered with these Yuletide offerings


The winner of the 2009 #UAW Christmas Choon Competition was rwaters with rwxmas.wav (nice fade-out dood) He wins a years worth of collaboration with SaxSinger

A Lasmer Came Travelling - A collaboration with my bruvva, casm. He sang it. I provided some backing vox. We borrowed the music from Chris De Burgh - (2002)

Moving Warez for Christmas - Wow.. two Christmas choons in one year. If you know the scene you'll figure it out. Music borrowed from Chris Rea - (2002)

Dead Santa - UAW XMAS CHOON 2004

Dead Santa (UAW XMAS CHOON 2004)
Music - Litking and SlaWta
Concept - SlaWta
Lyrics - SlaWta
The UAW Collective
SlaWta - Lead Guitars and Vox
Litking - Rythm Guitars and Drums
AvSum - Bass Guitar and Voice of Basil White-acre
Mrs SlaW and DaWta - The Dead Santas (Backing Vox)


My Dick Fell Off Last Night 2007 - Tezco have appointed a new Santa but the elves have other ideas .

My Dick Fell Off Last Night 2007 - SamiWilf Mix

Music by SlaWta

Lyrics by SlaWta (c) 2005

Opening Sequence (Zane Montgomery Phillips and Basil Whiteacre) by Avsum

Rudolph and Backing Vox sung by Avsum

All other vox and instruments played/sequenced by SlaWta



All content copyright SlaWta © 2002 - 2005 .. except the bits wot casm, LiTKing, Chris Rea and Chris De Burgh did ~8)