I'll break this into 2 sections .. Comedy and Non Comedy. First...

The Comedy Stuff

I Wish You'd Just F*** Off - Another SlaWCasm Production. Casm's a bit of a Depeche Mode fan (which I am not) so when I thought of this it was only natural that I ask him to do the music.... and the daft b*st*rd agreed to do it. (Thanks Bruvva ) There's a great keyboard lead in this ... if you listen really hard you just might hear it. ~8p

Music borrowed from Depeche Mode - Keyboards and Programming by Casm - Guitars and Vocals by me - Lyrics writen by me.

SlaWta and the MarMots - Everytime I Think of Her (Dr Scholl Mix) - This SlaWChoon should be considered a retaliation.
I was sent a tune by SaxSinger who asked if I would do some guitar for it.
I provided him with 2 tracks and an offer of more if he needed them or they were not to his liking.
He said he loved them, perfect, fantastic guitar work.
A few days later he sent me his "mix" with a proclaimation that he'd made me sound like "Brian May". It was utter shite. He'd taken my "Perfectly Good Guitar" and changed it beyond recognition, using what i can only imagine to be "Chicken Strangler VSTi".
So I decided to show him how a basic mix can be achieved in a few hours if you know what you're doin (i don't.. but that doesn't matter.. this is comedy).

This track is the result.. hope ya enjoy it. Many thanks to SaxSinger for being a good sport. (and a good buddy too) ~8)

Composition by SaxSinger.
Words and Arrangement by SlaWta.
All instruments/vocals/programming by SlaWta.

The Non Comedy Stuff

Retrosonic feat. Lil'lee - Catch the Rain

This is a Romanian Project that I was asked to write some Lyrics for with a view to selling it in the UK/US market. It's not my usual kind of music but hey, ya gotta try things out. It did well in Romania as one of the early hits for top Romanian singer and Soap star Lil'lee and featured the work of a very talented Romanian video artist, Mihnea de Vries , but there wasn't any follow-up from sony for the UK market... ah well.. not bad for Euro Pop i guess.

This is all stuff i've been asked to play some Guitar for.

Ott - Jacks Cheese and Bread Snack

The non guitar part was played by a guy called DJGolan– who at the time I had "known" for 2 years but had never actually met. I knew him via the internet and only really knew him as a IRC nickname and a weird taste in fetishes. I mentioned that I played guitar, so he sent me a chunk of the rhythm track and I sent him back the guitar part you can hear on the tune. He then broke off all contact with me and denies my very existence. He now lives in a monastery with The Brothers of Scat, an anient chapter sworn to anal buggery and defecation. Aren’t we just the futuristic cyber-kids? *cough*

Stylez - Inspiration Drum N Bass .. with real Guitar .. Whatever next?

Stylez - SuperScientifical Ditto


All content copyright SlaWta © .. except the bits wot Casm, Saxsinger, Ott, Mihnea de Vries, and Stylez did ~8)