Misc. Comedy Choons

A few more SlaWChoons.


I've Never Smoked A Spliff Like That Before - This started out as a jam many years ago with my mate, Avsum, .. innit mert ~8).

Inspired by a dope dealer we both scored off ... "Yeah right". (Lyrics © 2002) - Choon borrowed from Edwyn Collins "I've never met a girl like you before"

Stop Living The Lie (Lonely pervert mix) - Inspired by a TV show about fetishes. (Lyrics © 2003) - Choon borrowed from David Sneddon


Sumthin Goin on in my Pants - Featuring "The Soggy Bottomed Boys" - It's amazing where ideas for choons come from. I was sat in front of the tv with itchy bollox and turned to my wife, Mrs SlaW, and said "theres sumthin goin on in my pants". She replied "you should write a song about that" ... so I did. The Soggy Bottomed Boys are a fictitious band .. it's all me.

(© 2006)



All content copyright SlaWta © .. except the bits wot Edwyn Collins and David Sneddon did.