#UAW Members


New users to #UAW may find their survival rate greatly enhanced by knowing a little about our Perm Users.

Ad0 - Norwegian. Nuff sed
A|anT|d3 - AlephNull - Quiet man. always chilled. likes phat synths and phatter women. Solo Stunt Performer for Huntsville motorbike display team.
Analog/Buddha/Nip - Suffers bad from Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). Official "Lasmerboot" (TM) Tester. Made music once but has since devoted his life to studying Ebay and conning lottery winners into buying him gifts. ArBITr80r - Channel punk.  Lazy and miserable.  Interests include music, politics,  professional wrestling, and collecting things. Still a bachelor, looking to get married but still haven't found the right woman.  Likes to travel to many exotic locations.

AvSum -
BaGMaN - The Judge. UAW Legal Advisor and Archiver.We made The Rules, he made it Legalese. Guitar God. Hairy Monster BillWhite -

casm - Cross Dresser. Speaks for himself cos nobody else will but at least hes got a XBox 360. TWAT!!!

DLearyUS - Invented IRC. Wrote most of the Old Testament as a joke that went badly wrong. Canadian beaver farmer. Dr_Gonzo - Ex USA Olympic High Diving Champion. Hippy. Guru. Suffers from chronic typo.vbs Eep - Plays Tennis and guitar, he's a bit of a cult at the local Tennis Club (hmm.. was that a typo?) always moaning that somebody should update his user profile
EV150 - Resident #UAW Satanist and serial killer. Plays guitar, but sadly, his tone sucks and he uses too much reverb. Do not on any account steal his omlette inf0 - Another canadian Beaver farmer. Also farms Badgers (you can quite often find him at the back exit with a big stick in his hand). Cross dresser. Junky -

KellyGurl - Our only Lady member (if ya don't count LiTKing). DLearyUS's sex kitten. Sepia Queen.
Litking - Guitar Player Extraordinaire. Hi Hat expert. Ex-Faggot.
MuZiKiLL - Government spy. Protected from retaliation by Hadrians Firewall. Speccy. Could do with learning English as a second language MxB - notty -
Plextorz - pobz - rnT-5345 - Android of alien technology. Does not actually exist except thru a freak of physics. Can often be found ... and just as often cannot
rwaters - yawns farts and burps, plays stuff, grows stuff, cooks stuff, give him a break he's shacked up with a manc .. gnome sane? - -
SaxSinger - He Sings.. He plays Sax... he's bald and he smells a bit.. what more is there to say? solidox - Scottish. Loves haggis and beecats and has been known to smoke the occaisional Badger. SlaWta - The chans resident rock, he just sits there and never moves. Leeches. Limpets want to cling to him but he`s too slimy. Most prolific songwriter in the channel but still a lazy sod. Wants a XBox360.
SpAnKYDoG - IRC Beta Tester for DLearyUS. Old Skewler. Has been seen in many lap dancing bars... usually hanging off a pole with pouted lips. Likes Leather. weenerdog - Luddite, redneck, allergic to pickups. Did not rape ned beatty in deliverance, but played in a band with the guy who did Zaphodd - Yeti on a Mountain Bike. Hibernates for 5 months out of 12. Living proof that 2 heads AIN'T better than 1. Approach with caution or offering cookies and beer.